Monday, February 20, 2012

Chris Rudolph RIP, Lost in an avalanche outside of Stevens Pass

As I prepare to ski this morning and check news and notes my heart is heavy as the news of friend and industry associate Chris Rudolph, Stevens Pass Marketing Director, was one of 3 skiers who lost their lives in an avalanche area right outside of the area. This has been a very deadly winter for avalanche lives and it hurts even more when we lose one of ours.

Reports are there were 2 sets of avalanches in Washington yesterday claiming lives. In Colorado avalanches have claimed 6 lives and the Colorado Avalanche center has issued warnings this is the most dangerous avalanche conditions in Colorado for 30 years. Please be safe and live to ski or ride another day. I will make turns today for Chris and others as they passed doing what the loved. Chris always had a smile and was energetic to make sure every thing was done right when any event or promotion was put together at the area. We will miss you.

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