Saturday, September 10, 2022

Bern Helmet Saves Serious Head Injury

 Helmet safety and performance for skiing/snowboarding, cycling, skateboarding and many other sports are now much more commonplace than decades ago. There is good reason as they protect your head and you from serious injury in the event of a fall, collision, or accident. I, John Siewierski, personally have been wearing one for years and recently had a very serious crash that would have been much worse had I not had a high performance and properly fitted Bern helmet. Below you will see what my arm looked like after the crash and before the 10 stitches that were required to close the gashed/lacerated right forearm from my elbow. The accident was not the result of any gnarly riding. Rather my riding partner and I had just started a ride that is primarily gravel, and dirt trail riding. There was the option to go right or left and while I knew the route my riding partner did not and as I was slightly ahead I had made the turn left to stay on the path while he went right and t-boned me right I was standing up to begin the climb. We were not at high speed and I went flying landing on my head, arm, hip, ribs and shoulder.

It was truly amazing I did not break anything or had a concussion. Once we had me stitched up, x-rayed, confirmed no concussion and provided a prescription of painkillers and muscle relaxers we headed home and when I saw my helmet I realized given the magnitude of the impact on my head I very well would have had at the least a concussion and possible brain damage and surely time spent in a hospital vs being able to go home. While very sore and battered still head intact. I can only shout out first to Bern Helmets and thank you for making helmets that keep our head and brains working after falls like this one. Another shout out goes to the nurse who was on the trail as this happened who helped to clean the wound and provided sound advice to go to an Acute Care facility vs the ER option. Truly a wise choice as they immediately processed me in a minute or 2 and then began cleaning me up, doing the tests, cleaning the wound and picking gravel out of my arm, The cleaning of the wound took 45 minutes alone. The help and attention was outstanding. I am pleased to state 10 days later I am well on the road to recovery thanks to the Bern Helmet, helpful people on the trail and excellent care.

The helmet absorbed the crash as I fell on my head as well.

Thank you Bern Helmets.

Moral of all this is ALWAYS wear your helmet if only for a small easy errand. One never knows when a simple mistake can lead to serious consequences. Also do not skimp on a cheaper quality helmet. Get one that really protects you and make sure it is fitted properly. I cannot recommend Bern Helmets enough. Me and all my sons have them for cycling and skiing/snowboarding and will always make sure we have performance and fit as our brains need to be well protected. This is not an advertisement but an account of an event that could have been so much worse.