Thursday, April 30, 2020

20.21 Early Bird Season Pass Options in The Covid-19 Era

With the abrupt close to the 2019.20 ski and snowboard season due to the Corona Virus in March we are seeing resorts and areas across the board announce  a myriad of new options and plans. we expect more creative down payment options where the lowest to date we have seen is Jay Peak in Vermont. There are now credits for unused portion of passes that was announced just this week by Vail Resorts and their various Epic Pass products. The option to cancel a pass for 20.21 and roll into a credit for 21.22 has also been a new feature from areas. Here area  few of the note worthy options we have seen as areas are looking for revenue and to reassure their loyal customer - you - that there will be skiing and riding this next season.

Pats Peak, NH - Only $29 down till May 3 with payment plan options.

Epic Pass from Vail - Various options and a credit for unused portions of 19.20 pass and guarantees

Ikon Pass from Alterra Mountain Group - Extended pass deadline with double the discount fro renewing passholders and easy payment plan. They just added Bachelor Mountain in Oregon and Windham Mountain in NY. Ability to transfer pass to 21.22 season also an option.

Jay Peak, VT - 20.21 early bird season passes now on sale with only $25 down and a no questions asked option to cancel and get a refund of the deposit.

Many options are being presented each week. We will keep updating new offers as they come available. Check in with your favorite areas/resorts to lock in best offers for next season.