Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Earth Day, Arbor Day, National Parks Weeks and T shirts for the Planet

As seasons turn and we enjoy the mix of weather that is spring and the turns left in the ski and snowboard season there are a series of key events this week that we wish to take note and celebrate.

Those of us who work in the mountain, snow and outdoor industries feel daily the effects of a changing environment and world. These changes are having a profound impact on our lives and livelihood for many.

This week we celebrate National Park Week through the 24th and all the great recreation available in our National Parks.

Earth Day on Friday the 22nd. Our dear planet Mother Earth continues to show the stress of a planet that is not being taken care of. There are numerous efforts and celebrations. Find a local activity and participate. Make to sure to recycle, compost, garden and leave no trace behind.

Next week is Arbor Day April 29th. Plant a tree, look at a fruit tree for your yard/property.

Jim Morris Wildlife and Environmental T Shirts is a local company we have met here in Boulder, CO that has worked diligently and tirelessly to promote many environmental and wildlife preservation causes since 1977 and contributes regularly to these efforts. We are pleased to introduce them to our membership and readership. They have innovative designs and a great selection of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. Many organic options are available with striking designs featuring wildlife and the environmental causes from artists around the world.

To celebrate these events and a special offer to members/subscribers they are extending a 10% discount through May 1 on any purchases when using promotion code "iloveskiing".