Saturday, November 4, 2023

Save at over 30 areas/resorts on lift tickets, lodging, gear and more

The snows have started at the high peaks and snowmaking has also started to begin as we look forward to the first resorts opening this month to kick of the Winter of 2023.24. Time to make plans for this Winters trips and new areas to explore. Currently there are 30 something areas with discounts for premium members and many more coming each week and month. Join now for one year for only $14.95 before prices go up as we add areas and the areas open. Discounts valid across the country with European offers posting next. 

Here are some of the highlights so far for your skiing and riding pleasure:

Alaska - Alyeska Resort - Save up to 20% on lift tickets.

California Mountain Resorts

Granlibakken Tahoe - Save on lift tickets and lodging.

Mammoth Mountain - Save on lift tickets.

Mt Shasta Ski Park - Save with 2 for 1 lift tickets daily and option to add a free day.

Palisades Tahoe - Save on lift tickets and lodging

Colorado mountain and resort offers include lodging, rental, gear and shop discounts across the state. Save up to 20%

Arapahoe Basin - Save on lodging.

Aspen Mountain Save on lodging.

Aspen Highlands - Save on lodging.

Breckenridge Ski Resort Save on lodging.

Buttermilk Ski Area - Save on lodging.

Copper Mountain Save on lodging.

Keystone Resort Save on lodging.

Steamboat Springs Ski Area Save on lodging.

Idaho Mountain Resorts

Soldier Mountain - Save on lift tickets.

Maine Mountain Resorts

Lost Valley - Save on lift tickets.

Massachusetts Mountain Resorts and Areas

Bousquet Mountain - Save with 2 for 1 lift tickets.

New Hampshire

Dartmouth Skiway -  Save 50% on lift tickets.

Granite Gorge Ski Area - Save with 2 for 1 lift tickets.

Jackson Cross Country Center - Save on lift tickets and lessons.

McIntyre Ski Area - Save with 2 for 1 lift tickets.

Tenney Mountain - Save with 50% off lift tickets. 

Whaleback Ski AreaSave with 2 for 1 lift tickets.

New York Mountain Resorts and Ski Areas

Dry Hill Ski Area - Save with 2 for 1 lift tickets.

Maple Ridge Ski Area - Save with $25 lift tickets.

Snow Ridge Ski AreaSave with 2 for 1 lift tickets. Add a lift ticket with your membership for a free day.

Swain ResortSave with 2 for 1 lift tickets. Add a lift ticket with your membership for a free day.

Wyoming Mountain Resorts and Ski Areas

Jackson Hole Resort - Save on lift tickets and lodging.

Sleeping Giant Ski AreaSave with 50% off lift tickets. 

Snow King - Save on lodging.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Cross Country Ski Areas and Trails in Colorado

Colorado while known for the world class alpine ski and snowboard areas there are many options to enjoy cross country skiing at these areas and many more locations. Below we list some of them that are truly worth exploring. We will be expanding listings and offers for cross country centers and areas over the next few months. Look for deals at these areas and centers. Get out and enjoy.

1. Eldora Mountain Resort - located near Nederland, it offers over 40 km of groomed trails for classic and skate skiing. A short ride from the Boulder area. Rentals and lessons available.

2. Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa - located near Winter Park, it has nearly 120 km of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Rentals and Lessons are available.

3. Snow Mountain Ranch - located near Winter Park, it has over 100 km of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Rentals and lessons available,

4. Howelsen Hill Nordic Center - located in Steamboat Springs, it offers over 22 km of trails for classic and skate skiing.

5. Frisco Nordic Center - located in Frisco, it offers over 18 km of groomed trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

5. Monarch Lake Nordic Ski Area - located near Granby, it has over 10 km of trails for classic and skate skiing.

6. Copper Mountain Resort - located near Frisco, it has over 20 km of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It is free.

7. Steamboat Resort Nordic Center - located in Steamboat Springs, it offers trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Lessons and rentals are available.

8. Breckenridge Nordic Center - located in Breckenridge, it has covers over 2,000 acres for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

These ski areas typically offer rental equipment, lessons, and guides for cross-country skiing, making it easy for visitors to enjoy this outdoor activity even if they are new to it. Additionally, many ski areas have scenic trails that offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

These are just a few of the many cross-country ski areas in Colorado. There are many more options throughout the state, including some that are free and open to the public.

Additionally there are free cross country touring centers and options. Below are free alternatives wiht no lessons or rentals.

1. Coney Flats Trailhead - located near Nederland, it offers over 22 km of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

2. Sourdough Trail Loop - located near Brainard Lake recreation area, it offers a 6.8 mile loop of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Great for hiking in the Summer.

3. Guanella Pass - located near Georgetown, it offers many options for cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing.

4. Kenosha Pass - located near Jefferson, it offers many miles of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

These are just a few examples of the free cross-country ski areas in Colorado. It's always a good idea to check the current snow conditions and trail grooming reports before heading out for a ski, as these areas may not always be accessible or may have limited trail access depending on weather and snow conditions. 


Monday, January 2, 2023

50% Off on lift tickets at Sleeping Giant Ski Area

We are pleased to welcome Sleeping Giant Ski Area in Cody Wyoming now offering 50% off lift tickets for the Winter 2022.23 season for Mountain Sports Club premium members. Join now and save at Sleeping Giant and other areas across North America.

Sleeping Giant has five ski lifts and 27 trails, with a maximum vertical drop of 1,200 feet. The resort also has a terrain park, snow tubing and offers night skiing. In the summer, the resort operates a scenic chairlift ride and has hiking and mountain biking trails. The resort is known for its friendly atmosphere and affordable prices. It is a popular destination for both local skiers and visitors to the Cody area.

New this season is a fleet of Sno-go bikes for another option.

Get out and enjoy the uncrowded friendly slopes at a great value.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

5 Reasons to Ship Your Skis and Snowboard with Ship Skis

 As regions around the nation experience their first snowfall of the year, the anticipation for the start of ski season is at an all-time high! So as you begin to plan and prepare for your upcoming winter trips, allow us to introduce you to this year’s (and every year’s) must-have: Ship Skis.

We all know that traveling with skis and snowboards to and from your faraway winter destination isn’t the easiest task. Winter gear is heavy, bulky, and often costs a small fortune to check at the airport. What a horrible way to start your vacation! 

Ship Skis envisions a far easier and more affordable way to travel and transport your gear. They’re the world’s leading shipping service for skis, snowboards, snow boots, and luggage. So, why are so many skiers and snowboarders choosing a better way to travel with Ship Skis? Here are a few reasons:

1. Avoid all the airport chaos

Why shell out hundreds of dollars in airline baggage fees just to do all the heavy lifting yourself? Do your back and your wallet a huge favor by opting to ship your skis, snowboard, and luggage ahead instead. You’ll not only save big on baggage fees, but you’ll also be able to bypass bag-check lines, breeze past baggage claim, and enjoy a stress-free journey to your destination.

2. Convenience

When we say you won’t be doing the heavy lifting anymore, we mean it. Ship Skis will actually come to your home, office, hotel, or lodge pick up your bags. All you have to do is pack!

3. Fully insured

At Ship Skis, your winter gear isn’t just another bag. They understand the value of your skis, snowboard, and luggage which is why they include complimentary insurance on every bag with the option to insure for more. On-time delivery is guaranteed, too.

4. International shipping

If you’re a skier or snowboarder looking to check off all those bucket list destinations, you came to the right place. Ship Skis ships to and from 180 countries and territories and will handle all customs paperwork on your behalf, too.

5. Savings and affordability 

Ship Skis' convenience and reliability remain unmatched. Even better? Their prices do too, with rates up to 60% cheaper than the other guys! See for yourself by generating a free quote for your upcoming trip. 

As opposed to dragging all your bags to, from, and through the airport, shipping your skis, snowboard, and luggage ahead allows you to travel with ease and arrive at your destination to find your baggage already there.

But, stress-free travel isn’t limited to winter vacations! If you happen to be toting golf clubs on your way to a warm-weather destination, check out Ship Sticks to ship your golf clubs ahead, too.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Save on lift tickets at these Utah Areas

Once again we have updated buy in advance lift ticket discounts for Mountain Sports Club members at Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude for the 2022.23 Winter season. Make you plans and save this Winter. The snow is falling and areas are preparing to open. Enjoy the light Wasatch powder and save.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Snow is Falling, Plan and Save at Areas/Resorts this Winter Season

We are getting excited about the coming ski and snowboard season. Reports of snow starting to fall in areas and snowmaking is underway as the initial areas look to open. 

Mountain Sports Club savings are available at over 100 resorts on lift ticket discounts, shops, lodging and more. Join, plan now and save. Look for new areas, resorts, shops, lodging and activities being added regularly.

Preseason sale underway join now for only $9.95 for one year, or $15 for a 2 year premium membership. Premium plus options added where you can add a lift ticket.

Spotlight lift ticket, rental and/or lodging savings at these areas/resorts. Buy in advance and make sure there are not capacity limits.

Mt Shasta, CA- add a lift ticket option

Arapahoe BasinAspen/SnowmassCopper Mountain, BreckenridgeKeystone ResortPurgatorySunlight Mountain in CO

Brundage MountainPebble CreekSoldier MountainTamarack Resort in Idaho

Giants Ridge, MN

Mt Abram, Lost Valley, Sunday River, Saddleback, ME

Attitash Mountain ResortBlack MountainWhaleback - Add a lift Ticket option, Pat's Peak- Add a lift ticket option, Jackson Cross CountryWaterville Valley, NH

Swain Resort, NY - Add a lift ticket option

Ski Big BearCamelback Mountain, PA

Magic Mountain, VT

Bousquet Mountain, MA

Pine Creek Ski AreaJackson Hole, Snow King, White Pine in WY 

Baldy MountainLake LouiseSunshineMt Norquay, Canada

Premium Plus option includes one lift ticket with premium membership is back. Currently live Swain Resort, NYPats Peak,NH, Sunlight Mt, Lost Valley, ME, Whaleback Mountain, NH and Mt Shasta,CA as low as $25. 

Friday, October 14, 2022

White Pine Lift Ticket Discounts for Winter 2022.23

We are pleased to welcome White Pine Ski Area located in Pinedale Wyoming as our newest resort partner offering lift ticket discounts for the Winter 2022.23 season. A family friendly independent area with plenty of snow. Enjoy 2 for 1 lift tickets this Winter and save $50 daily.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Pats Peak Lift Ticket Discounts for Winter 2022.23

 We are pleased to welcome back Pats Peak Ski Area in Henniker, NH. Pats Peak has long been a favorite of Mountain Sports Club members. Premium members will enjoy daily savings of $10 off the Adult full day lift tickets midweek non holidays. The premium plus option where you add a one day lift ticket is now available again for Winter 2022.23 while supplies last. Join now and save this Winter and all year in the mountains.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Bern Helmet Saves Serious Head Injury

 Helmet safety and performance for skiing/snowboarding, cycling, skateboarding and many other sports are now much more commonplace than decades ago. There is good reason as they protect your head and you from serious injury in the event of a fall, collision, or accident. I, John Siewierski, personally have been wearing one for years and recently had a very serious crash that would have been much worse had I not had a high performance and properly fitted Bern helmet. Below you will see what my arm looked like after the crash and before the 10 stitches that were required to close the gashed/lacerated right forearm from my elbow. The accident was not the result of any gnarly riding. Rather my riding partner and I had just started a ride that is primarily gravel, and dirt trail riding. There was the option to go right or left and while I knew the route my riding partner did not and as I was slightly ahead I had made the turn left to stay on the path while he went right and t-boned me right I was standing up to begin the climb. We were not at high speed and I went flying landing on my head, arm, hip, ribs and shoulder.

It was truly amazing I did not break anything or had a concussion. Once we had me stitched up, x-rayed, confirmed no concussion and provided a prescription of painkillers and muscle relaxers we headed home and when I saw my helmet I realized given the magnitude of the impact on my head I very well would have had at the least a concussion and possible brain damage and surely time spent in a hospital vs being able to go home. While very sore and battered still head intact. I can only shout out first to Bern Helmets and thank you for making helmets that keep our head and brains working after falls like this one. Another shout out goes to the nurse who was on the trail as this happened who helped to clean the wound and provided sound advice to go to an Acute Care facility vs the ER option. Truly a wise choice as they immediately processed me in a minute or 2 and then began cleaning me up, doing the tests, cleaning the wound and picking gravel out of my arm, The cleaning of the wound took 45 minutes alone. The help and attention was outstanding. I am pleased to state 10 days later I am well on the road to recovery thanks to the Bern Helmet, helpful people on the trail and excellent care.

The helmet absorbed the crash as I fell on my head as well.

Thank you Bern Helmets.

Moral of all this is ALWAYS wear your helmet if only for a small easy errand. One never knows when a simple mistake can lead to serious consequences. Also do not skimp on a cheaper quality helmet. Get one that really protects you and make sure it is fitted properly. I cannot recommend Bern Helmets enough. Me and all my sons have them for cycling and skiing/snowboarding and will always make sure we have performance and fit as our brains need to be well protected. This is not an advertisement but an account of an event that could have been so much worse.