Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ski Gear Buyers Guide For Holidays and Gear Shopping - Masterfit Buyer's Guide to Ski Gear

The Mountain Sports Club is proud to introduce you our members and community to an exciting new online resource and service - Masterfit Buyer's Guide to Ski Gear. This is the definitive resource to do your research before buying new gear for the coming winter season.

As traditional ski magazines continue to shrink their commitment to equipment coverage, skiers who wonder where to find independent, expert advice on buying new ski gear have a new best place to turn-the Masterfit Buyer's Guide to Ski Gear.

A joint venture combining content and talent from the ski world's two leading gear websites, America's Best Bootfitters and, the MasterfitBuyer's Guide is headed by long-time ski equipment journalists Steve Cohen, Jackson Hogen and Mark Elling. They are supported by a team of experienced ski writers, editors and photographers.

"The Masterfit Buyer's Guide has the most comprehensive, candid ski and boot reviews anywhere in the ski world," says Publisher Steve Cohen. "Our gear experts have also shared their insider tips on selecting just the right bindings, poles, helmets, socks, boot bags and more."

"When you've got gear that works in concert with your body, you ski better, with more confidence, and in greater comfort," says Editorial Director Jackson Hogen.  "And the better you ski, the easier and more fun it is."

Produced using state-of-the-art flipbook magazine technology, the Masterfit Buyer's Guide is priced at $10 and available as a digital download.  For a limited time, a free copy is available by clicking here.


THE MASTERFIT BUYER'S GUIDE is a joint project of America's Best Bootfitters ( and It is produced and edited by:

  *   Steve Cohen, founder of the on-hill boot testing program and former Executive Editor at Ski Magazine.
  *   Jackson Hogen, formerly of Salomon and Snow Country Magazine gear editor.
  *   Mark Elling, formerly of Ski and Skiing Magazines and currently America's Best Bootfitters boot test program director.
  *   Iseult Devlin, former editor at Skiing Magazine and Skiing Trade news.

Between us, we have a collective 100+ years testing, reviewing and writing about ski gear!

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