Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eldora Ski Area Gets Expansion Go Ahead

Our local area Eldora Ski Area, a short ride from our hometown of Boulder, recently received the thumbs up for their proposed and much needed expansion and lift upgrades from the Forest Service. The process is not done as there are 2 more waiting periods for objections. As expected there are those who are not happy with the go forward plan but we are confident that at the end of the day the area will get the go ahead.

One item we were pleased to see was the added parking spots as currently busy weekends and holidays has the area turning away guests for lack of parking places. Closely located to Boulder and the North Denver Metro Area the resort continues to be a popular destination for many who wish to avoid the congested I-70 corridor. The area does need an upgrade as the population grows along the North Denver to Wyoming corridor as more and more locals want ski and snowboard options without going through I 70. Eldora offers the best alternative and has the physical plant to expand these options. The planned chair replacements, new trails, expanded dining options as well as more parking are needed to better serve the local market.

Stay tuned for more details and how the final decision looks then there is the timing. I am sure the Eldora Ski Area management is eager to get going to upgrade the facilities and services.

I found it interesting to see there season pass giveaway promotion as well to build out the database.

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