Monday, June 14, 2010

Colorado Ski Country USA Adds Free Lessons to Passport Program

It was interesting to see and welcome at that for Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) trade group to announce major new feature to its 5th grade passport program: one free/complimentary ski lesson, including rental equipment, for 5th grade passport holders who are new to the sport.

With entry level classes down nationwide it is key for resorts to encourage new participants. The lessons will be provided during the month of January as part of January Learn-to-Ski-and-Snowboard Month. Parents of 5th graders signed up for the Colorado Ski Country Passport will be provided with information about the opportunity for their child to learn to ski and can choose from among Colorado Ski Country USA member resorts. Details are posted online and in the coupons books distributed with the program.

Next year will mark the 15th season of Colorado Ski Country USA’s 5th Grade Passport program, which provides three days of free skiing at each participating CSCUSA member resort. Through its history, the program has helped nearly 200,000 kids ski or snowboard.

The original objective of the 5th grade passport was to give every kid who grows up in Colorado the opportunity to learn to ski or ride. Adding this new component to the 5th grade program will help make sure that it fulfills this original promise. Expect other state groups to follow this lead.

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